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Company Profile

Founded in 1976, Erwin Cole, started his business in his garage. Now after decades of tremendous growth, the business currently has more than 30,000 square feet and has multi-million dollar business. The key to our success is our ability to design and engineer,custom parts and pioneer state of the art products that meet the high quality expectations of our customers. We use drape form molding on 2 machines, we also can cut any flat ,or 3-D product to precision on a 5 axis router. We also have a R&D dept that is used for repairs and creating new tools. Manual assembly, including inserting locks and drawstrings.


MAAC Machinery

Introducing our "Little Maac". The addition of this single station thermoforming machine in June of 99 has greatly increased our small parts capabilities. It has a 2 foot by 3 foot pullpart capacity.

Here is a 3 station forming machine with a updated Windows XP control station and siemens moduals. The XP upgrade allows for precision heating. These capibilities expands our production. Click here for our Thermoforming movie.

Erwin Cole Enterprises also houses this three station rotary thermoformer. Great for increasing productivity by nearly doubling production rate. The machine is fully automated and computerized, meaning quality from the first part to the last. The Maac Machine is able to thermoform quality parts from state-of -the-art aluminum molds and offer a new polymer choice polyethylene. It has a frame capacity of 5 foot by 7foot mold capacity.


Anderson CNC 5 Axis Router

This is the Anderson CNC Router machine we have. It is High Speed and Water cooled. It cuts flat surface pieces only.


Thermwood CNC 5 Axis Router

Our company has gained a competitive edge over other plastic manufacturers with our recent purchase of the Thermwood pioneered CNC 5-axis router. We now have a more accurate, overall quality of the parts we manufacture. This machine has also given us an increased rate of production allowing us to provide strong service and customer support.


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